Hi, I'm Matt. I have lived in the Phoenix Valley for almost 10 years and found a new love of succulents after moving from the great Motor City. I saw my first small concrete pot back in 1999, and immediately knew I was addicted when I made my first PeaboPot. I love the idea of gardening in small containers and creating a mini-garden of succulents, flowers, or herbs. Succulents are amazing easily to grow and love the PeaboPot's porous container. After years of experimenting, I created my unique recipe and collection of recycled molds to create the perfect PeaboPot. These guys are super happy living on a windowsill or a patio. The combinations of pot shapes and sizes are endless. I love making the pots, and obsess over finding and experimenting with different molds to find the next PeaboPot. Arizona has very hot summers, and in the 115 degree or higher heat is where you'll find me making most of the inventory where the average pot can take up to 4 weeks to cure. I love the reactions of people seeing my pots, and hearing of all the stories and praise from repeat customers. I love feedback and welcome any custom project ideas.
***Fall 2016***
We have have been working hard to introduce our new cement collection called Peabo. We have cast actual cacti and created art pieces that stand alone without having to plant or provide water or light. We also just updated our annual skull planter. Stay tuned for more in the collection. Thanks!